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The Award Winning Mobile App enabling Endee Adults and the parents of Endee Children to come together in a vibrant community, improving mental health, and helping achieve life goals. With our workbooks, live classes, vibrant social feed, and coaching groups for both parents and adults - we have all the tools to set you and/or your children up for life.

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Did you know 68% of Neurodivergent children and adults experience poor mental health?

The primary reason we believe this exists is because many feel their lives lack direction and clarity. Whether it is due to long waiting lists for help, not having anything in the local area, or simply feeling overwhelmed - this can end TODAY when you take control and use the EndeeSphere App. OUR SOCIAL FEED IS COMPLETELY FREE AND OUR APP IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD ON IOS AND ANDROID APP STORES - NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.


Although for the best experience, purchase our PREMIUM membership from this page to access live group coaching, workbooks, recordings, and mental health/wellbeing content for as little as £0.77 per week or $0.99 per week. Nowhere in the world will you receive professional support and guidance for this kind of value. It's a NO-BRAINER. 

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The Ultimate Community App For Neurodivergent People and Parents

Are Your Ready To Take Control of Your Journey and Learn the Most Up To Date and Current Information?

This all encompassing interactive community with LIVE learning classes sessions and group coaching will teach you everything you need to know to get out of the dark places in your mind FOR GOOD. Our Community Will Empower You To:

  • Better understand your Neurodivergent Children/Self (If also ND)
  • Develop the right mindset and thought patterns when on the journey - ditching negativity and embracing difference
  • Live without feeling the need to conform to Neurotypical society
  • Have a structured and curated learning experience to keep you on track with your goals
  • Receive professional advice and guidance on things like, school issues, workplaces, coming to terms with diagnostics, growing up, self-acceptance, and more

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart self-care and learning practices, you could start living a life without fear and apprehension. If Betterhelp and the Calm App came together to make a perfect tool for Neurodiversity - this would be it!

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You And Your Neurodivergent Child Can Feel Better

Learn the formula to achieving a positive self-image and use it to:

  • Enjoy school and work.
  • Set boundaries, and challenge yourself.
  • Live independently without fear and worry.
  • Know that being Neurodivergent is perfectly okay.
  • Have good relationships, and achieve your goals.


Yes, It Really Is Possible! You Just Have To Take The First Step. What Have You Got To Lose? You Only Have EVERYTHING To Gain

The truth is - help and support doesn't always come straight into your life. You can spend your days waiting and hoping, or you can be taking action and learning. Our members call the EndeeSphere their lifeline. This can be your lifeline too.

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What's Included In The FREE and Premium Memberships...


A Safe Social Media Feed for Both Parents and Adults To Connect

Most of the information out there regarding Neurodivergency is scary for Neurodivergent people and parents, and many of these outlets don't have your best interests or Neurodivergent interests at heart. Here is why we are a safe space:

  • We curate all the content and hate speech of any kind is not allowed. We welcome Neurodivergents and parents of all Neurotypes, backgrounds, and walks of life
  • Our content is structured and provides value to you. Tips, guidance and inspiration to help you on your adulting and parenting journeys
  • Whether you are an adult newly diagnosed, or a parent awaiting a diagnostic for their child - we are here to support you and members are there to support each other.

Weekly Learning Classes

We take our lead from what our members want to learn about. We offer classes tailored for adults, parents, and sometimes both. Members on a FREE subscription can purchase classes separately without subscription. PREMIUM members will have access to every class included:

  • Live learning classes every week on a range of topics that will give you proven support and strategies
  • A recordings vault for PREMIUM members to watch all previous classes and have access to ALL upcoming classes
  • Guest Speakers

With all the conflicting information out there, getting answers is difficult. Thousands of parents, autistic people, professionals, and corporations have trusted Jude's expertise at a much higher rate than £5 a month.


Professional Group Coaching for Parents and Adults

The secret to building a true support network, is by being around others in the same position. Exact same model as Alcoholics Anonymous and other support networks. The support groups are led by autistic former social worker, Jude Morrow and perfect for:

  • Parents and adults. There is a seperate group coaching group for both
  • If you are a Neurodivergent parent to Neurodivergent kids you can attend both groups
  • Professionally led, expert advice and a welcoming group!

Getting to know other people in the same position as you - will be of the upmost value and importance. You can get support for your unique situation or discuss school, college, workplace, and relationship challenges and get solutions.


Workbooks, Guided Meditations, Wellbeing Wednesday, Stillness Sunday, Resources and Exclusive Content

We have a dedicated space for Premium Members that provides a structed weekly content schedule and will help you keep on track and meet with other likeminded people.

  • Separate workbooks for parents and adults
  • Expert advice and articles on the challenges you face and solutions
  • Ultimate hand-holding through your journey

Placing your trust in Jude will give you multiple returns in terms of knowledge, skills, expertise, and saving you money.

This Community Is For You If...

  • You are¬†overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information out there about Neurodiversity and want to improve your/your child's mental health
  • You feel triggered and don't feel safe on other forms of social media where hate speech and discrimination are rife
  • You¬†want¬†structure and to know what is ahead when¬†
  • You¬†are committed to making the world a better place for Neurodivergent people
  • You dream of living a more comfortable life
  • You want to¬†have the relationships and confidence you have always desired
  • You want to be part of the most exciting app and community in the world celebrating and empowering Neurodivergents young and old!

I'm Jude Morrow

Before becoming a best-selling author, TED speaker, touring speaker, ND Marketing Consultancy CEO, and corporate trainer, I was a social worker for nine years!

Now I dedicate my time, energy, experience, and passion to ensuring fellow autistic people young and old don't go through what I went through, and to be the person my parents would have taken me to hear speak when I was a teen.

The EndeeSphere App is my lifelong dream.

"Since my autistic son and daughter have been listening to Jude's stuff - they feel happy and that there is hope for them!"

- Parent of two Autistic Kids aged 12 and 16

"Always entertaining, always knowledgeable, and a breath of fresh air. So many online communities are full of hate and toxicity - not this one"

- Karen Stephens - Mental Health Counsellor
"Jude's classes and seminars help me feel like I am not alone in the world. When Jude speaks, its like he is inside my head! When he says he knows what is going on, he truly does. So glad to have met him, and proud to call him a friend"
- Joanne White - Autistic Adult

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Here are some common questions members ask and want to know about. If we have missed any - let us know! We want to reassure you that this community is safe, and your place to improve your mental health and make sense of the journey ahead.